Positive Discrimination in favour of the under privileged: Part II- Five Year Plans

Often there is a question asked on what a particular five year plan envisaged programmes for the development of under privileged and various schemes implemented through the respective plans. So let us understand that what all plans had envisaged and what it emphasised upon.

The first plan (1951-56), second plan (1956-61) and third plan (1961-66) Emphasised on economic development of these sections.
The fourth and fifth plans (1969-78) Envisaged for increasing standard of living of the people through measures which also promote equality and social justice
The sixth plan (1980-85)Launched Special Component Plan (SCP) for SCs to ensure that these groups receive their due share of funds/benefits from other developmental sectors.
The seventh plan (1985-90)Strengthened the SCP for SCs and provided substantial funds for SCs. Priority in the seventh plan was given to the educational development of SCs.
The eighth plan (1992-97)Aimed at intensifying the efforts to bridge the gap between disadvantaged sections including SCs and other sections of the society.
The ninth plan (1997-2002)Emphasised on (i) Social empowerment, (ii) economic empowerment, and (iii) social justice for the development of SCs
The tenth five year plan (2002-2007)Emphasised on empowering the marginalised sections including SCs for raising their social, economic and educational status
The Eleventh five year plan (2007-12)Special emphasis was given on educational needs, adult literacy, higher education, implementation of reservation policy etc.
The Twelfth five year Plan (2012-17)

In the next part we will see various schemes and programmes for underprivileged, specifically for SC/ST Population.

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