RBI Grade B 2021 Daily Writing Practice Day 5

Q1. Distinguish between manager and leader?

Ans- Following are the major differences between a manager and a leader:

  1. Leader derives his/her power from personal characteristics while manager derives his/her power from the authority delegated to him.
  2. Leader focusses on vision and purpose of the organization in getting intended results while managers focusses on establishing structures and systems to get those result.
  3. Leader inspires and motivates people to work together with a common vision and purpose while manager monitors results against the plans.

Leader focusses on transformational aspects of the organisation while a manager focusses on transactional aspects.

Q2. Explain the principles of scientific management.

The concept of scientific management was given by Frederick Winslow Taylor. Scientific management is a theory of management that analyses workflow. Its main objective is improving economic efficiency, especially labour productivity.

  1. Science, Not Rule of Thumb: Constantly experimenting to develop new techniques which makes the work much simpler, easier and quicker.
  2.  Harmony, Not Discord: such an atmosphere should be created in the organisation that labour and management consider each other indispensable.
  3. Cooperation, not Individualism –Cooperation and flow of constructive suggestion from workers to managers increases workflow.
  4. Development of each and every person in the organisation to his/her efficiency.

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