RBI Grade B New Pattern

RBI Grade B 2021 notification is finally out. Changes have been introduced to both the exam pattern and the syllabus. Phase I exam pattern and remains the same, whereas descriptive portion has been added to both Paper I (Economic and Social Issues) and Paper III (Finance and Management).

Summary of Changes is as follows:

Old Pattern:

New Pattern:

Changes in the Syllabus:

There are no changes in Paper I Economic and Social Issues Syllabus.

In Paper III following topics have been added to Finance portion:

  1. Impact of the global financial crisis of 2007-08 and India’s response to it.
  2. Global financial markets and International Banking- broad trends and development
  3. FinTech

Following topics have been added to Management Syllabus:

Ethics at the Workplace and Corporate Governance:

Meaning of ethics, why ethical problems occur in business. Theories of ethics: Utilitarianism: weighing social cost and benefits, Rights and duties, Justice and fairness, ethics of care, integrating utility, rights, justice and caring, An alternative to moral principles: virtue ethics, teleological theories, egoism theory, relativism theory, Moral issues in business: Ethics in Compliance, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, etc. Ethical Principles in Business: introduction, Organization Structure and Ethics, Role of Board of Directors, Best Practices in Ethics Programme, Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, etc.

How to deal with these new changes:

1.Understand the exam pattern.

2.Cover the syllabus from the perspective of new pattern.

3.Cover new topics in finance and management

4.Go through past years papers (before 2015)

5.Writing practice- start at the earliest.

6.Join test series for descriptive tests.

7.Do not neglect phase I of the exam.

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