English Descriptive NABARD Grade A

Strategy For English Descriptive Paper NABARD

Despite carrying equal weight, English descriptive paper in NABARD Phase II Exam is often ignored by candidates under the pretence that exam is all about doing ARD and ESI right. Such is the paranoia and hype which has been created around ESI and ARD in this case. No doubt these are important issues to prepare, but putting a little effort in English descriptive paper can drastically improve your score and chances of getting selected.

As mentioned in the NABARD syllabus, English descriptive paper can have questions from the following topics:

  1. Essay
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Letter Writing
  4. Precis and
  5. Report Writing.

Now when you look at the topics mentioned above one thing you can easily deduce is that the scope of the paper is very limited, unlike ESI and ARD. This make things easy to work upon. You just have to chart out your strategy for each and every topic mentioned above, and you are good to go.

So, what do we mean by charting out one’s own strategy?  It’s simple as it sounds. Peak a topic, let us say essay in this case. Find what questions were asked in the last few years. When you do this practice, you will notice that there are dominant themes on which essay are asked. In this case agriculture, social issues and economics happen to be the dominant themes. Also, another interesting thing you will notice is that many such issues are based on contemporary events. So, make a list of all such issues. A list of 10 such issues is good to go in the beginning. Share your list in peer group, invite suggestions and see what all others are doing.

When done with this, pick 3-4 issues and write down essays. Take a peer review and correct wherever needed. Mind here, sticking to word limit is most important. For rest of the topic just prepare a rough draft and see what else could be improved further. We will also come up with a dedicated blog on writing a good essay and what it should contain and what one must refrain from writing. Similarly, you can practice for letter writing as well.

For Reading comprehension and precis pick up questions and do write. Just keep in mind that you have to write in your own language. In precis practicing couple of questions and see what problems you are facing. If you feel like doing it more, do likewise.

Other important tips:

  1. Practice writing with keyboard, as this is going to be the single largest hurdle in attempting any descriptive paper.
  2. Also keep check on word limit and spelling mistake.
  3. Most importantly clear your basic doubts in grammar; nobody expects you to be a grammarian, but you shouldn’t mess with basic little things such as tenses.
  4. Use simple language. Do not complicate things.
  5. Do rough work beforehand if possible.
  6. Practice at least one full length test and see if you are able to write everything in given time limit which is 90 mins in this case. If possible, we will provide an online interface where you can practice this test. If not, we will definitely post question at the least.

If you have any query regarding above, write us at [email protected], [email protected] or you can telegram us at 9370176036. We will be happy to help you. Also keep checking this space. We will keep you posted.

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